Families with Children from China New England

Homestyle Dumpling Workshop

  • 06 Jun 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • West Hartford, CT
For hundreds of years, the dumpling has been the culinary symbol of the Chinese New Year. All across northern China, families turn their kitchens into dumpling factories, churning out dumplings for family banquets. The small, pork-filled dish provides a tasty and tangible expression of the good luck the family hopes for in the coming year. 
Participants in our workshop will experience this time-honored tradition for themselves, wrapping their own dumplings and then eating the results! We’ll offer chicken and vegetarian dumplings. Please bring your own apron and a cookie sheet or pizza pan to take left over home.
Cost: Adult $39. To register, go to:  http://mingschina.com/community/events/dumpling-making-workshop/

Location: Chinese Cultural Exchange, 22E Andover Drive, West Hartford, CT

Families with Children from China - New England

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